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TUCSON –A major development is in the works for central Tucson.

“We could see up to $20 million worth of new homes right in the middle of Tucson,” said Steve Crawford, a sales associate for PepperViner Homes.

Many of these new projects are being built near downtown.

“People want to live within five minutes of downtown, either by bike or by bus or by car. Ward 3 is a great place to be,” said Councilwoman Karen Uhlich. “Instead of vacant lots and dilapidated structures, we will see some really quality infill going in.”

PepperViner Homes is building a project called Parkmodern, which will be urban homes located on Park Avenue, just north of Fort Lowell Road.

“There’s a convenience with all the amenities that this place offers,” said Crawford. “Unfortunately, the only places you can pick from are 30,40,50, 60 years old.”

PepperViner plans on building almost 40 homes in the first phase and then another 60 in the future.

Written By Domenica Fuller for KVOA