Homebuyers get an iPad Mini with every purchase.

“They get it right when they sign the contract,” says Chad Williams, COO of Pepper Viner. “It manages their paperwork for them. Then, as soon as they move in, we program it to manage the home.”

The company takes its standard offerings to another level by creating customized tech packages on top of what is already included. Immediately after a home is framed, homeowners meet directly with integrators to discuss options.

“They meet with the integrator on site, and he gets to learn a little bit about what their lifestyle is, what their interests are, and he can cater a package for them individually,” says Williams.

Through standards and packages, Pepper Viner has certainly evolved since its very first TecHome. It has moved from Honeywell to Nest, Clare Controls to RTI Automation and features a standard “Healthy Home System” that tailors to specific HVAC and IAQ requirements.

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