Radian Brings Together Local Lenders for Homeownership Pilot Program

Ready, Set, Own!, a new community program created to help more people become homeowners, was announced at a press conference featuring executives from Radian Guaranty Inc., Tucson, Ariz. Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and the local housing, credit counseling and lending community. Ready, Set, Own! was designed to assist potential homeowners by providing them with the information and resources they need to begin the path toward sustainable and responsible homeownership. The program is sponsored by Radian, a provider of private mortgage insurance, which enables homebuyers to purchase a home with less than a 20 percent down payment. Tucson was selected as the pilot city for the Ready, Set, Own! program, which may expand to additional communities across the United States.

Ready, Set, Own! brings together local housing, lending and credit counseling resources to develop a personalized plan that results in successful homeownership for anyone wishing to buy a home. The all-encompassing approach is open to everyone, regardless of financial status, and is entirely free.

As a key component of the program, Ready, Set, Own! participants will be paired with local credit counselors and mortgage lenders to create a mutually supportive team of three who work together on the individual’s step-by-step plan toward homeownership. These co-mentors and strategic guides will provide assistance with the qualifications process, credit and debt issues and establishing a down payment savings plan

“Tucsonans considering buying a home need good information,” said Mayor Rothschild. “I’m very pleased that Tucson will be the first city to launch the Ready, Set, Own! homebuyer assistance program.”

“The American dream of owning a home is the cornerstone of vibrant, healthy and happy communities,” said S.A. Ibrahim, CEO of Radian. “At Radian, our goal is to help people from all walks of life and all financial backgrounds to responsibly achieve that dream, but we know it isn’t always easy. Potential homebuyers sometimes need resources and guidance to help them on their way, and the Ready, Set, Own! campaign is designed to empower them with the knowledge and preparation they need to turn homeownership into a reality.”