It’s really a simple equation. “If the crews are winning, the trade is winning. If the trade is winning, Pepper Viner is winning. If the builder is winning, the homebuyer wins.” That’s how Rick Stephenson, Director of Construction, sums up the First Time Quality program.

“It’s working! We have about 30 different trades from every discipline of construction involved in the program,” Stephenson continued. “It’s total teamwork.” Pepper Viner introduced First Time Quality at a seminar for all the trade partners. The independent program is designed to insure a smooth running jobsite where every crew will find their home job-ready and callbacks will be reduced. After the introductory seminar, Pepper Viner then offered to reimburse the costs of any trade who took and passed the entire First Time Quality training.

There’s a domino effect on jobsites. If one crew is late, doesn’t finish their work or does something wrong, the next trade partner can’t get their work completed. “First Time Quality is a system that recognizes the wasted money and time. They also realize that these costs are part of every bid,” Stephenson continued. “First Time Quality asks each trade partner to start with self-analysis of what they would change in their process. Then, it asks them to think about what costs they put in their bids because of other trades damaging their work or leaving a mess.”

“The system causes a paradigm shift in the way we all think. Trade partners are empowered to talk to each other, to share problems and solve them together. An alliance system is created,” Stephenson said. Quality First is implemented with a reporting system that creates a checklist that goes from the crews to their foreman to the building superintendent and, finally, is included in weekly reports.

“We are already seeing very positive results. This is an investment in our trade partners and in our work process that is going to pay for itself over and over again,” Stephenson concluded.