High Performance

Conserving energy and protecting the environment starts at home in your new Pepper Viner High Performance-High Design Home. Pepper Viner Homes is setting a new standard at our communities by meeting the most stringent specifications set by the US Government:

  • The mechanical system is designed by Energy Star Version III recommended software which takes into account the totality of the home design. The result is a properly sized system.
    • House wrap – engineered for superior performance this revolutionary product limits air coming into the home through the wall, but allows moisture to escape. Plus, self-adhered window wrap flashing on every window helps prevent mold growth and improves energy efficiency.
    • The truss system is designed to handle solar panels and to coordinate with all duct work and insulation to ensure proper functioning.
    • Fresh air intake built into the HVAC system to produce better indoor air quality.
  • Unvented roof system with insulation to the roof deck – so your home becomes a sealed envelope all the way up to the trusses.  All duct work stays within the insulated areas of the home so your heating and air conditioning unit work more efficiently.
  • Insulation of R-19 in the walls and open cell spray foam in the ceiling.
  • Third party testing at 3 different stages of construction ensuring framing, insulation, and HVAC systems function as a whole.  You receive a certified Home Energy Rating System rating.
  • Low E, vinyl-framed windows that meet Energy Star III levels as set by the US Government.
  • Recyclable carpet is used with a low VOC carpet pad. Low VOC interior paint is used, and Zero VOC paint is available.
  • Prepared for future solar photovoltaic systems.