Energy efficient home, that’s really living smart. Conserving energy and protecting the environment starts at home in your new Pepper Viner High Performance-High Design Home. Pepper Viner Homes is setting a new standard at our communities by meeting the most stringent specifications set by the US Government:


Since 2002, Pepper Viner has been at the forefront of strategic advances that inspire better construction practices including energy efficiency, carbon reduction, sustainable home construction and technology features. Smart living in an energy efficient Pepper Viner home saves you money and the environment.

Conserving energy and protecting the environment starts with a new Pepper Viner High Performance-Home. At Pepper Viner, we have set a new standard for meeting the most stringent specifications set by the US Government.  Every home meets the Energy Policy Act and Energy Star Version III standards set by the US Department of Energy – the most demanding standards ever established!  After third-party verification during construction, the home is certified and documentation is sent to the US Government.

Sustainable, high-performance construction is central to our business philosophy.  Our home designs incorporate high-performance framing techniques, advanced insulation, healthy air quality, properly sized HVAC equipment and water efficient products that provide the consumer an ECO-friendly home.  With rising operational and energy costs, the need for energy efficiency continues to escalate – Pepper Viner’s whole system approach to construction will enhance the Tucson community, its environment and the homebuyers who occupy our homes.


Energy efficiency and protecting the environment starts at home

Smart Living is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity to automate certain systems in your new Pepper Viner home – you will not only conserve energy; but, also improve your lifestyle. We offer Google Nest thermostats, Wifi controlled garage door openers, video doorbells and front door smart locks. Our smart home features can be remotely controlled through your smart phone or from your home based devices.



  • The mechanical system is designed by Energy Star Version III recommended software which takes into account the entire home design. The result is a properly sized system.
    • House wrap – engineered for superior performance this revolutionary product limits air coming into the home through the wall but allows moisture to escape. Plus, self-adhered window wrap flashing on every window helps prevent mold growth and improves energy efficiency.
    • The truss system is designed to handle solar panels and to coordinate with all ductwork and insulation to ensure proper functioning.
    • Fresh air intake built into the HVAC system produces better indoor air quality.
  • Unvented roof system with insulation to the roof deck – so your home becomes a sealed envelope all the way up to the trusses.  All ductwork stays within the insulated areas of the home so your heating and air conditioning unit work more efficiently.
  • Insulation of R-19 in the walls and open cell spray foam in the ceiling.
  • Third party testing at 3 different stages of construction ensuring framing, insulation, and HVAC systems function as a whole.  You receive a certified Home Energy Rating System value.
  • Low E, vinyl-framed windows that meet Energy Star III levels as set by the US Government.
  • Recyclable carpet is used with a low VOC carpet pad. Low VOC interior paint is used, and Zero VOC paint is available.
  • Prepared for future solar photovoltaic systems

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