Our first High Performance – High Design homes are sold and under construction. The cooperation from the key trades who are involved in framing, stuccoing, insulating and the mechanical systems at Civano North Ridge has been outstanding.

As these new homes take shape, we are proudest of the outstanding quality. To meet the new Energy Star standards and win EPAct 2005 certification, you simply have to build a great house.

To be certified, each High Performance – High Design home has to offer heating and cooling savings of at least 50% over a home built to standard code. And, to do that, we have to build a home that is tighter, quieter – better. “We can document the level of value to our homebuyers. The pride of ownership in these homes is going to be tremendous,” said Richard Barna, Construction Manager. “Satisfied homebuyers are the best thing a builder can have and we’re going to have them. They will have the security of knowing, in the face of rising prices, that their energy savings will go on and on.”

Going green has been a learning process from day one when we invited RESNET Energy Rater Eric Shoberg to take a look at our models and see if we could qualify for the new Energy Star rating. With his encouragement and help, we continued down the path to a new goal – EPAct 2005. It’s been an education. We’re using new materials, like the DuPont Tyvek housewrap, new trusses and a new mechanical system.

“As our first homes reach completion, it’s looking like all systems are a go,” Barna continued. “The mechanicals are quiet and steady with no blast furnace effect. Third-party testing shows compliance.” Collaboration is also continuing. “Our architect and structural engineer are involved and monitoring the building process. They’re also working on our next generation High Performance – High Design homes. Southwest Gas has been a big partner. They’re onsite often advising and testing,” Barna explained. There’s even been another visitor – staff from the National Association of Home Builders Research Lab has been on site taking a look at what Pepper Viner is doing as part of the Building America Program.

“Pepper Viner Homes has made a real commitment to building High Performance homes. We want to keep pushing the limits and finding better ways to build a better home. We’re looking at solar photovoltaic systems, a tankless back-up to our solar hot water heater and we’re testing a new Tyvek roof underlayment,” Barna concluded. “We are going to continue to offer our homebuyers more savings, more value and beautiful, livable homes.”