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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY TO TOUR PEPPER VINER HOMES Tucson Builder Develops Community of Homes To Meet DOE’s Challenge And Receive “EnergySmart” Home Scales

Tucson, AZ — Pepper Viner Homes has announced that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will tour their model homes at Civano Northridge on Tuesday, October 21 at 4:30 p.m. DOE will recognize Pepper Viner for qualifying their homes as part of Tucson’s first project where every home will meet the Challenge.

“We are the first production builder in Southern Arizona to reach this milestone and earn this accreditation,” said Bill Viner, president. “We have made a strong commitment to green building.” All Pepper Viner Homes, in every new home community, are now rated Energy Star Homes. Every home at Civano North Ridge will receive the DOE E-Scale for meeting the requirements of the Builders Challenge.

“I commend Pepper Viner Homes for their tremendous energy saving initiatives underway here at Civano Northridge,” said Ed Pollock, project lead for DOE’s Builders Challenge program. “Their participation in the Builders Challenge is just the beginning of a movement toward giving consumers information about the energy efficiency of their homes so they can make smart choices that save them money and contribute to America’s energy-independence.”

Earlier this year, DOE launched the challenge to the home building industry to build 220,000 high-performance energy efficient homes by 2012. By 2030, DOE’s Building America program will have completed research to enable Americans to purchase cost-effective Net Zero Energy Homes. The 1.3 million homes built to the Builders Challenge between now and then, will save Americans an estimated $1.7 billion in energy costs, or the carbon equivalent of taking 606,000 cars off the road.
“We have changed the way we build homes. To meet the strict energy savings standards, our homes have to be built better. They are tighter, quieter and offer better indoor air quality,” Viner continued. “We have learned that by using building science, we can produce homes that offer our buyers a lifetime of savings and a price comparable to similar homes without the energy saving features.”

To date, The U.S. Department of Energy has qualified 600 homes across the nation as part of the Builders Challenge. The E-Scale is a national metric that enables homebuyers to better understand energy efficiency when purchasing a home.

Civano North Ridge is located east of Houghton and south of Irvington. The tour will be at the model located at 5131 S. Hanna Heather Place.