Copper Cactus Awards

Changing the Way Tucson Remodels!

Pepper Viner Homes, four-time Southern Arizona Home Builder of the Year, has opened a Pepper Viner remodeling division. “The current climate for new home construction has been an impetus for many home builders, including Pepper Viner Homes, to move in different directions. While our industry has taken a tremendous hit, we all may emerge as stronger and more diverse companies,” said Bill Viner, CEO.

“Over the years, we have had many requests to undertake remodeling and renovation for our home buyers,” said Bill Viner. “Now we will be able to fulfill those requests and offer the highest standards of remodeling, renovation and restoration construction to all of Tucson. Our strong brand identification and broad client referral network gives us an outstanding foundation for this new venture."

Pepper Viner Homes is one of 1˝% of builders nationwide to meet the exacting standards of the Builder’s Challenge, building production homes that offer savings of 50% or more over homes built to standard code. “We are very excited to offer our clients the possibilities to include high-performance, energy-saving features in their construction. Pepper Viner is a leader in green building and has a wealth of knowledge regarding building science and energy conservation. “With our varied experience in the home building industry, we will be able to offer our clients more options as they undertake remodeling their homes.”

“Homeowners are realizing that it’s a good time to invest in their homes. Interest rates and construction costs are both at historic lows. Currently, selling a home often means taking a loss, but remodeling builds for the future. It gives the homeowner the home they want and when the market turns around – and it will – they will have created additional equity in their homes,” Viner concluded.

The Pepper Viner Homes offices are located at 5633 E. Grant. They can be reached by calling 721-7964.
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